Darkside of Debonair
The Bushmeat Trade
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Named "Book of the Month" August 2002 by Greenleaf Book club!

Red Barn Press is proud to announce that
DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR has been chosen as the
2003 Benjamin Franklin Silver Mediallion Award Winner for Popular Fiction

***** 5 Star Rating by Independent Publishing Review
By Eric Dondero, Editor

"The real story of Africa is the cycle of life and death, for people and animals alike.
Barbara Davis captures that reality in lively prose and a compelling plot."
-- Terry Wieland, author of "A View From A Tall Hill: Robert Ruark in Africa"

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this very well written book. It may be a work of fiction but contains a tremendous amount of painstaking research on the sickening Bush Meat Industry. I sincerely hope that anyone reading this book will realize that the love story part of this book is the only fictitious part and that the rest is reality. Lets hope it helps a few more people to become aware of just how gruesome the Bush Meat Industry is and of how it is slowly destroying the forests and animals of the world."
-- Sheila Siddle - author of "In My Family Tree: Life With Chimpanzees"

"I thought the book was an incredible piece of art. Very gripping, and believable."
-- Michael A. Huffman D.Sc. (Primatologist)


"The first chapter draws the reader in, putting her in the scene, captivating with such vivid pictures, mesmerizing, then, whammo. Reality.
Masterful! Brilliant. I am still amazed that someone with no writing background could do this."
-- Pauline Ernst, author and freelance editor


" Wow! I can still feel my blood pounding, I just finished and am starting over!"
-- Dianne Crowley


"A real "gripper", I could hardly put it down"
-- Susan Bradley D.O.

"This book is really really good! Best book I've read in years".
-- Charmalie A. D. Nahallage, Primatoligist & Anthropolist, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Important topic, great story line, Barbara Davis has written an entertaining, fase-paced book that is also informative; it spreads awareness of the bushmeat trade.
-- Cory Hanson, Kansas City, MO

If you like nature and wildlife, romance, spellbinding adventure and
excitement - you are going to like reading this book - a lot!
-- Derek Ramsden, South Africa


I found myself now wanting to put it down just to see what was around the
next bend.
-- Peggy Miller, Cypress, TX

I love the book so much that I recommened it to my bookclub for their
monthly selection. I look forward to our discussions generated by this book.
Wilbur Smith is one of my favorite authors and Barbara Davis has found his
formula for intrigue, romance and adventure mixed with a liberal dose of
reality. I will be anixiously awaiting her next book.
-- Elizabeth J. Randall, Littleton, CO

Although the facts of the bushmeat crisis are horrible, I found the story
fast, fun and exciting - a good read! I like the fact that the story was
based upon a real-life situation and that the atrocities visited upon the
unsuspecting rare animals of Africa were addressed honestly and with no
holds barred.
-- Eve Fletcher, St. Charles, MO

OUTSTANDING READ!!! The story flowed from the first chapter, and held my
attention non-stop to the end. I'm most impressed how and why the author
used a current event like the bushmeat industry as a backdrop.
-- Derek Fields, Houston, TX

Vividly written, great story!! Really enjoyed this book. It's about a REAL
LIFE situation that is happening today in our world.
-- Patty Kistler, Eureka, MO

Great Novel, Must Read. Great story content and research, I look forward to
her next book.
-- Fran Kistler, Bella Vista, Arkansas

Independent Publishing Review
By Eric Dondero, Editor

***** 5 Star Review
Darkside of Debonair: The Bushmeat Trade by Barbara Davis (Red Barn Press

This book boasts a sticker for the Benjamin Franklin Award by Publishers
Marketing Association on the front cover. After reading the book one easily
understands why Davis received such a prestigious designation. "Darkside of
Debonair" is a truly profound work of fiction. It's riveting from the first
page. Set in the deep jungles of Central Africa, Mackenzie - the gorgeous
American heroine and Jon her Guide, battle a cunningly brutal French poacher
and his African legions. But subplots abound. Most interesting is the
combative relationship between "Mac" and Jon's African friend Zawawi. Mac is
challenged to live up to male standards of toughness and eventually gains
Zawawi's respect. A love affair develops between Mac and Jon. A bit mushy.
Definitely has a tendency to read like a romance novel at times. But the
book's central message of the utter tragedy of poaching of primates,
particularly our close relatives the chimpanzees, is stunningly powerful.
Davis has not only written a thoroughly enjoyable book, but one that has a
message that every world citizen should hear, both within the Continent of
Africa and without; STOP THE KILLING OF CHIMPANZEES NOW. 354 pages. Eerie
cover design fits mood perfectly. ISBN: 0-9717731-0-6